Prateek Surisetti

Alias: Suri Net Worth: 0$. NALSAR Batch of 2019. Characteristic Features: 1. Thinks he's funny. 2. Can't shut-up about having topped in Class II. 3. Takes deep personal offence when his cricketing talent is questioned. 4. Will definitely reference his status as World#1 @ Reflex Ball (A sport he invented), within 10 minutes of conversing with him. Notable Endeavours: 1. Founder Access Fitness (Movement at NALSAR that promotes utilization of public spaces for furtherance of sport and fitness) 2. Author "Good Morning Miss Hobby" 3. Travel Photographer (Antarctica, India) Details @ Contact: [email protected]

Copyright Innovation

How the Internet broke after losing a ‘left-pad’

Around two months ago, thousands of applications ran into errors. All due to the actions of one man. Over the course of this piece, I will be aiming to do three things: Help you understand how one single coder could break so much havoc. Help you understand how copyright works in relation to open source software. And finally, help you understand how software development actually works. I have dealt with this in the final section because it is a bit…

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