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Guest Post: Of Recipes and Patents

Due to some issues with the site, we had put a hold on our SpicyIP Fellowship applicant series but we’re back now and will get through the remaining ones as quickly as possible. Kiran Mary George, a 2nd year student at ILS, Pune, brings us her third entry with this post looking into the questions of whether recipes can be patented or not. Her previous two entries included “The Smell Mark Conundrum” and “The iPhone v iFon conflict“. [The deadline for…

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Patenting food: Plumpy’ Nut and more?

Image from here Peanut paste sold as ‘Plumpy’Nut’, a patented concoction consisting of skimmed milk powder, sugar, vegetable fat, vitamins and minerals, has worked wonders for children suffering from malnutrition. This paste was invented by a French paediatrician and has radically changed the way malnutrition is treated in developing countries. This life saving peanut paste facilitates treatment at home, does not need to be refrigerated and can be administered by anyone, anywhere! It is so effective that it can revive…

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