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The Pure Joy (Anand) of Creativity: The Story of India’s First “John Doe”

2.00 am. 3rd June, 2002. Nizamuddin East, New Delhi. 3 sleepless nights in a row and my body was beginning to give way. No food…no sleep…and the intellectual excitement around IP was beginning to wane. I dreamt of greener pastures. For I’d just been admitted to the University of Oxford for my masters. And couldn’t stop thinking of the better life that waited on yonder shore. After the slavish rigours of law firm life, what a refreshing change this would be!…

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Judging Judges (I): Whither Access to Law?

And finally, I give vent to my long held lament against diarrhoeal decisions! Decisions that ramble on for reams on end, and come at the cost of both legal logic and jurisprudential depth. Decisions that are king size (paper wise), but dwarf like (merit wise). As we found in the case of a prominent IP judge from Delhi whose decisions are fairly long winded; but which (as the prolific Prashant Reddy demonstrated in this potent post here) are absolutely shoddy…

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