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Break in India: Leapfrogging Patent Obsolescence

The US Chamber of Commerce is at it again! Ranking India close to the bottom of its inane IP index. Unfortunately, some of our commentators have fallen prey to the seductive logic of these rankings and warned us in dire tones that if we didn’t ramp up our patent numbers, we’d suffer on the technological front. I’ve cautioned against this myopic vision in a recent op-ed in the Hindu. This comes close on the heels of a recent post by…

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Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property: Mind the Machine!

In a world that is revealing itself to be distinctly devoid of any natural (human) intelligence, artificial intelligence might well turn out to be less scary than we imagined it to be. Indeed, some months ago, when a student of mine asked me if I wasn’t worried about machines taking over, I quipped that I was more worried about Trump taking over. And if Trump did come to pass as President, tis’ only appropriate that machines take us over, I…

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Of Artificial Intelligence and Authorship

A few weeks ago I had blogged about the Delhi High Court’s decision in Gurukul v. Evergreen. Here, the defendants challenged the copyrightability of ICSE Board Examination question papers (the Papers) and also perused the fair dealing defense of review under the Copyright Act (the Act). I covered these two aspects of the case in detail in my post. This dispute also raised the issue of whether copyright authorship can vest in artificial persons, which I aim to deal with…

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