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(Re)Booting the Bar: Barbs, Bribes and a Bar Exam

The key gateway to the legal profession today is through the “Bar Exam” (after completion of one’s degree in law). Similarly, the key gateway to the patent profession (at least of the “prosecution” variety) is through the patent agent exam (after one’s completion of a basic degree in science). Sadly, in India, both have been mired in calamitous controversies! In this post, I reflect on the Bar Exam and its continuing lack of a legitimate legal foundation. In another post,…

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A Lethal Legal League?

In a piece for the Wire (a pioneering new media initiative by the famed duo of Siddharth Varadarajan [former editor in chief of the Hindu] and Siddharth Bhatia [founding editor in chief of DNA]), I reflect on the cosy cabals that plague our legal ecosystem. Ranging from a judicial fiefdom (collegium of senior judges that select their very own) to the notorious Bar Council of India (that awards dodgy tenders) to the CLAT clique of vice chancellors who refuse to institutionalise…

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Access to Legal Education: Old is Not Gold!

Kshitij’s well written post raised issues that are very close to my heart. Particularly since I think its a great idea to open up the 5 year programs at the premier NLU’s (national law schools such as NLS, Bangalore) to brilliant engineers and science grads from IIT’s and the like. Given that we have a dearth of good patent attorneys in this country, I have a clear vested interested in advocating for this. So what stands in the way? A…

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Bar Exams and Election of Bar Council Chairman

Gopal Subramanium, the current Solicitor General was recently elected as the Chairman of the Bar Council of India. We wish him the very best as he pilots this body and the profession that it represents to new heights. In an earlier post, we highlighted a Supreme Court ruling that relied extensively on a report by Mr Subramanium and mandated the conduct of bar exams this year. Now that he has been elected as the Bar Council Chairman, the prospects of…

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An Indian Bar Exam in the Offing?

Despite being passed in December 2009, a Supreme Court judgment with tremendous ramifications for the practice of law came to our notice only recently. In Bar Council of India v. Bonnie Foi Law College, Justice Dalveer Bhandari and Justice H. L. Dattu mandated the Center to conduct bar examinations to test candidates for their suitability or otherwise for entry into the legal profession. You heard right: current law students who expect to graduate this year may not be able to…

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