谷歌贏爭端 – I meant "Google wins dispute"

What does Chen Zhaoyang have in common with gmail? Forget it, don’t rack your brains as the answer is “nothing”. He is a cybersquatter who registered the domain name gmail.co.in in 2005.

Google filed a complaint with the National Internet Exchange of India under the INDRP (.in Dispute Resolution Policy) seeking a transfer of the domain name in their favour.

Today’s Hindu Business Line reports that the sole arbitrator Mr. A K Singh who was appointed by NIXI has passed an order directing the transfer of the domain name apart from imposing costs of Rs. 50,000 on the registrant. Noting google’s “trans-border reputation”, the arbitrator remarked that the registrant “failed to furnish any explanation about the adoption of an identical mark…Google had discharged its onus in establishing its proprietary rights in the mark ‘Gmail’ on account of priority of adoption, use, and registration in various countries.


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