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SpicyIP is one of India’s leading blogs/repositories on intellectual property (IP) and innovation law/policy. Through its independent reporting/analysis, SpicyIP is committed to fostering transparency within the Indian IP ecosystem.

Founded in 2005 by Prof. Shamnad Basheer, an IP academic and consultant, the SpicyIP team comprises a group of passionate analysts and fellows, well versed in different aspects of Indian IP law and policy. Today, it covers:

i) analytical posts on complex issues of IP and innovation law and policy;

ii) shorter posts that attempt to cover contemporary IP news and development in a timely manner;

iii) career opportunities in IP;

iv) polls to gauge public opinion on important IP issues;

v) campaigns to promote and foster better IP policies in the country;

vi) campaigns to promote transparency in IP;

vii) weekly roundup on important IP events in the country and around the world, including IP conferences and workshops.

Importantly, SpicyIP is committed to enriching the public domain by providing free access to IP decisions, laws and regulations, parliamentary reports and other information that is not otherwise accessible.

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