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Copyright Others Overlaps in IP

The Amendment to the IT Rules, 2021: Part 2 – Locked, Loaded, and Aimed at the Intermediaries

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We’re pleased to bring our readers Part 2 of the series by Surabhi Pande and Devvrat Joshi looking at the proposed draft amendments to the IT Rules, 2021. The first part looked at two specific proposed provisions and argued that they would impact the ability of intermediaries to avail safe harbour provisions. This second part continues the analysis of the draft amendments, looking at some of the remaining provisions and takes issue with the lack of clarity. Readers may be…

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Copyright Others Overlaps in IP

The Amendment to the IT Rules, 2021: Part 1 – Locked, Loaded, and Aimed at the Intermediaries

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We’re pleased to bring our readers a 2 part guest post series by Surabhi Pande and Devvrat Joshi, on the recently proposed draft amendments to the IT Rules, 2021 (which were released on 6th June, 2022). The first part of this series focuses on two specific proposed amendments which they argue will severely impact the ability of intermediaries to avail of safe harbour provisions. Surabhi Pande and Devvrat Joshi are both Senior Associates in the Dispute Resolution Team at Saikrishna…

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Overlaps in IP Trademark Traditional Knowledge

Attars and Agarbattis: Protecting Traditional Cultural Expressions through Non-Conventional Trademarks

We are pleased to bring you a guest post by Tahhira Somal, exploring existing frameworks of non-conventional trademarks, particularly those of smell marks, and assessing their role in the protection of certain traditional cultural expressions. Tahhira has a degree in Global Affairs, and is a final year LLB student at the Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat.     Attars and Agarbattis: Protecting Traditional Cultural Expression through non-conventional Trademarks Tahhira Somal Nestled in Halsted, Chicago is a Michelin star restaurant that…

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Copyright COVID-19 Drug Regulation Overlaps in IP Patent Privacy Trademark

SpicyIP Weekly Review (June 28 – July 4)

Topical Highlight Delhi High Court Clarifies Law on Arbitrability of Trademark Disputes In this guest post, Rounak Doshi discusses the position of law on arbitrability of trademark disputes in light of the Delhi High Court’s recent decision in Golden Tobie Private Ltd. v. Golden Tobacco Ltd. He notes that the Court considered this dispute concerning the breach of a trademark licensing agreement as arbitrable and referred it to arbitration. He examines the Court decision and notes that the plaintiff relied upon…

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Copyright Overlaps in IP Trademark

Special 301 Report 2021: Copyrights, Enforcement, and the Same Old Complaints

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (‘USTR’) recently released its Annual Special 301 Report on Intellectual Property Protection (‘Report’). To borrow Swaraj’s description of an earlier Report, the Special 301 Report “is a unilateral measure taken by the USTR which essentially ranks countries according to how much the US appreciates their IP regimes, and this is used as a kind of [political] ‘shaming’ mechanism to coerce countries into ‘strengthening’ their IP regimes to match the TRIPS-plus standards that…

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COVID-19 Data Exclusivity Drug Regulation Innovation Overlaps in IP Trade Secret

Earning Royalties off Covaxin While Demanding IP Waiver at the WTO: Saviour on the Streets, Hypocrite in the Sheets

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As news broke out on May 3, 20201 regarding the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) earning royalties out of every dose of Covaxin sold, many were quick to chide the government for embarrassing itself by profiting off vaccines sold in its own country while seeking a waiver of all IPRs on patents, copyright, industrial design and undisclosed information pertaining to vaccines for Covid-19 (covered previously on the blog here, here and here) at the WTO. In this post, I focus on the differential…

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COVID-19 Drug Regulation Others Overlaps in IP Patent Trade Secret

Intellectual Property Rights in Covaxin – Part 2 (IP Ownership in Publicly Funded Research)

This post was coauthored by Swaraj Paul Barooah and myself. In part I of this post, Anik and I argued that the government should waive the IPR in Covaxin in order to ensure that the vaccine can be rapidly accessed by the public. In Part II of this post, Swaraj and I analyse the broader issue of IP ownership in outcomes of publicly funded research. Part III explores opacity surrounding the clinical trial data generated during the Covaxin trial, which…

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Copyright Design Overlaps in IP Trademark

Protection of Jewellery: A Combination of Trademark, Design and Copyright Law? – Part I

The issue of IP protection of jewellery has hardly been discussed or adjudicated upon in India. Generally, it is understood that the sketch of the jewellery design can be protected as artistic work under copyright law, while the actual appearance of the jewellery, such as the configuration, pattern can be protected under design law. But, it’s more complicated than that. There are many questions without clear answers, such as, whether jewellery is protectable under copyright or design law in India,…

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Copyright COVID-19 Overlaps in IP Patent Trade Secret

Wishful Thinking? Analyzing India and South Africa’s Joint Statement to Waive Key Provisions of TRIPS – Part I

On 2nd October, 2020, India and South Africa issued a joint statement before the WTO TRIPS Council, with a request to waive “the implementation, application and enforcement of Sections 1, 4, 5, and 7 of Part II of the TRIPS Agreement in relation to prevention, containment or treatment of COVID-19.” This waiver, annexed with a draft decision for the WTO General Council, was requested to ensure that IPRs do not encumber the access to affordable medicines or R&D, manufacturing and…

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Copyright Overlaps in IP Privacy

Tattoos: The Tussle between Copyright and Publicity Rights

The world’s attention was first drawn to the copyrightability of tattoos when Victor Whitmill, the artist behind Mike Tyson’s face tattoo, sued Warner Bros for an imitative tattoo worn by an actor in Hangover II. Since then, I find that there has been a raging discussion regarding tattoo artists’ copyright over their tattoos, including issues like fixation, ownership and fair use. This post does not focus on these questions of copyrightability. Instead, it develops upon an important point raised by…

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