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1. India says No to Removal of Trade Barriers.

1ndia on Saturday was at the forefront with Brazil, opposing a proposal of developed nations seeking removal of trade barriers to allow transfer of clean technologies.

The European Union and the United States made a joint proposal through the World Trade Organization to remove specific barriers to trade in clean energy technologies like wind turbines and solar panels as part of the long- running Doha round of talks.

Both India and Brazil termed the proposal “disguised protectionism” to boost exports from rich countries under the pretext of climate change mitigation.

2. GSK drops its patent claim on 2 AIDS Drugs.

In a relief to around 2.5 million HIV patients and generic firms like Cipla and Ranbaxy GlaxosmithKline (GSK) has pulled out the patent applications of two anti-AIDS medicines in India.

While GSK has formally withdrawn the application of Abacavir, it is learnt that the UK giant’s other drug, Trizivir, is deemed withdrawn after it made a request to the patent office.

Abacavir is a second-line anti-retroviral (ARV) drug used to treat patients who have developed resistance to first-line medications. Trizivir is a combine of three ARV drugs used for first and second-line treatments. Indian firms like Cipla, Ranbaxy and Hetero, among others, already market one or both these drugs in India. If GSK had secured the patent, they would have had to pay a royalty to the company.

“The applicant (GSK) of this instant application has withdrawn the application under reference (Abacavir). Accordingly, there will be no further proceedings towards the representation, “the examiner of the Patent and Design office in Kolkata said in a order. (Economic times)

3. India Brazil slam new WTO Doha proposals

India and Brazil criticised two new sets of proposals in the Doha round of trade talks at the World Trade Organization (WTO) on Tuesday, signaling that wide gaps in the negotiations remain despite recent progress.

The two developing countries, who play a major role in the talks, said that a U.S.-EU proposal to free up trade in environmental goods was little more than a disguised attempt to boost sales of goods of rich nations.

They also said a negotiating text on “rules” — anti-dumping, subsidies and fisheries subsidies — was a step backwards that excessively accommodated U.S. concerns.

India also expressed alarm that the key agriculture talks were tilting too much towards the needs of rich countries and were ignoring the requirements of the sub-continent’s millions of subsistence farmers.(Reuters)

Brazil India like teenage drivers in WTO talks, says U.S. Brazil and India have pushed their way to the “big table” in world trade talks and are struggling with the responsibility that it entails, like teen-agers who have just gotten their driver’s license, U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab said on Tuesday.

After insisting that developing countries have more say in the outcome of the negotiations, “these countries now find themselves at the big table, or in the small room or whatever description you want,” Schwab told the President’s Export Council in a short briefing on the 6-year-old Doha round trade talks. (Reuters)

4. Sun settles Patent row with Novartis

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries has reached an out-of-court settlement with Novartis in the United States with regard to a patent dispute over the Swiss drug major’s Alzheimer’s drugExelon.

“Under the terms of the settlement, Sun Pharma will not market generic Exelon in the US until sometime prior to the expiration of the patents covering Exelon. The specific date on which Sun may launch and the other terms of the agreement are confidential,” said Sun Pharma in a statement.(Economic Times)

6. Nasscom wants Fast Track Courts to try Cyber Crimes.-Extend Sunset Clause to IT

The National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) has expressed ‘serious concern’ over the spurt in rupee value against the U.S. dollar. IT companies are going to be hit hard, if the trend continues at this pace for five more years,” according to the President of Nasscom, Kiran Karnik.

The association wanted the Government to essentially involve Data Security Council of India (DSCI), the self-regulatory organization (SRO) on information security, in policy decisions and confer the status of ‘consultative body’ on it.

The DSCI was in dialogue with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on amendments to the Information Technology Act, 2000, to further tighten the rules on contractual forms, digitization of signatures and intensity of punishment for cyber crimes.

Nasscom’s security initiatives suggested a ‘4E framework’ — Engagement, Education, Enactment and Enforcement.

He also wanted the Government to set up fast track courts exclusively to try cyber crimes.(Economic Times)

7. Nasscom, ICICIKnowledgePark to set up venture Fund.

The National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) and ICICIKnowledgePark are setting up a $25 million venture capital fund to help start-ups that are in the intellectual property (IP) space. The fund, to be registered with the SEBI will look after the brick-and-mortar costs of start-ups, according to Nasscom officials.(The Hindu)

7. India-Telecom 2007-‘Digital Divide to Digital Opportunities’

The Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications &Information Technology, Government of India in association with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce &Industry will host the 2nd International Exhibition &Conference between the 12-15th December 2007, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.www.indiatelecom.org


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    We had put the papers for the Abacavir opposition brief as well as the letter from Kolkata Patent office on my opposition blog here [nov 2007]:

    Similarly, the Trizivir application was also reported in Oct 2007 in Mint & my blog:

    You could link these posts for additional information such as patent application numbers and the copy of the Kolkata Office letter.

    Sandeep K. Rathod

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