SpicyIP Events – NIIPM Courses – January 2008

1. The National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (NIIPM) has organized a Training course on patents at its headquarters in Nagpur, India for 16 and 17 January 2008.

NIIPM stated that the course has come about because:

“it is observed that the patent applications filed by the Indian inventors and companies, are less as compared to foreign applicants. Hence many Indian inventions are not patented and thus remain unprotected and through ignorance of patent law, many inventors jeopardize the chance of obtaining patents for their inventions by commercially using or publishing their invention in newspapers or scientific and technical journals.”

Read more at Ag-IP-news; NIIPM website.

2. NIIPM is also running a workshop on IPRs on 23-24 January 2008 – NIIPM website.

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