SpicyIp Tidbits:Google launches Open Social Foundation

The Open Social movement that was launched in November last year provides a common mechanism for developers to easily hook into many different social networks and extend their functionality.

To further this initiative, Google has teamed up with Yahoo and My space to form the Open Social Foundation, a ‘non-profit, private foundation dedicated to the sustainable and open development of the Open Social initiative and related intellectual property.’

Open Social Foundation will be structured to include both corporate and individual representation, and to foster a transparent and participatory community for the purpose of providing equal access to specifications published by the Open Social Foundation, at no charge.

The responsibilities of the Open Social Foundation include:

  • Creating a structure and instituting practices for technical development by a broad base of contributors and community stakeholders, independent of any undue influence by any one party

  • Creating a governance structure and instituting practices for oversight of community-based development, including review and voting procedures, working group charter creation, dispute resolution, and similar procedures.

  • Establishing an intellectual property rights policy

  • Holding assigned intellectual property

  • Enforcing trademark and copyright

  • Creating and maintaining the Open Social website and community.

Should this community initiative, stoke the social spirit in you, access details here to register in the activity and formation of the Open Social Project

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