Indian Patent Database: Relevant Links

Pursuant to our earlier post (covering the government response to our petition for an electronic patent database), here are the links to the relevant portions of the Indian patent office website.

1. For copies of granted patents, see here (as was mentioned in the last post, as per the government response, you should be able to access the complete specifications of about 100,000 patents)

2. For copies of Controllers Decisions, see here. However, when last checked, this was not working well.

3. For published patent applications, see here.

As requested in our earlier post, if you have any comments on the efficacy or otherwise of these databases, please let us know in the comments section to the post or by emailing me at [email protected]

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6 thoughts on “Indian Patent Database: Relevant Links”

  1. Anonymous Coward

    While I haven’t had time to test out the site’s functionality, I thought I’d leave some preliminary comments:

    Since it is a secure site (the security certificates for which depends on the actual domain name and not just the address), instead of providing

    as the address, you should change the link to:

    While both point to the same place (or to be more exact, the second one points to the first), the security certificate only covers the second address.

    It seems the site’s security certificates (signed by a govt. organisation, CCA India) are not generally recognised by browsers. This might alarm some people. The following error is generated on security-compliant browsers:
    “The certificate for “(n)Code Solutions” is signed by the unknown Certificate Authority “CCA India 2007″. It is not possible to verify that this is a valid certificate.”

  2. Thanks Shamnad for updating and the best efforts which you have been making for it. I am trying to search documentation regarding Natco’s opposition to Roche’s patent application (Erlotinib) but somehow could not find it. Could you please help me in this regard?

  3. Dear Shamnad,

    Do you have any idea about the coverage of copies of granted patents i.e. it starts from which year and is covered till which year?

  4. Dear Shamnad,

    Do you have any idea about the coverage of the granted patent copies i.e. it starts from which year and is covered till which year?

  5. Shamnad,

    I was able to download the Erlotinib / Natco case.
    I believe the case is 537/del/96.

    I suggest you try using ‘Opponent’ option with Natco as the key word.


  6. Most of the patents uploaded are pre-1970 (Before the era of Great Idian Patent Act)[And looks like someone is looking for Roche’s patent application]. Donno how many decades will our patent office take to make it a daily update.

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