SpicyIP Tidbits: And The Winner Is……..IPKat!!!

Ever heard of a cat that’s got an email id of its own? May be we could ask Ripley’s, but then we don’t need to go that far. Tufty (the cat of course) not only has an email id, but also enjoys the company of a rather distinguished quartet of extremely prolific “blawgers”. Not just that, the blawg has been voted the top “IT Law and Governance” blog in a poll conducted by ComputerWeekly.com for IT Law Blogs Award’08.

SpicyIP congratulates its “colonial cousin”, IPKat, on this happy occasion and wishes it the very best for the future. This is another feather in its cap; in July 2005, Managing Intellectual Property magazine named IPKat as one of the 50 most influential people in the IP world.

The list of the top 10 nominees for the IT Law Blog Award is available here.

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