Merry Christmas. We have news!

stock-illustration-22246302-santa-claus-and-rudolph-with-christmas-treeChristmas is a season for celebrating hope.And oh boy, we have hopeful news for you. The famed DU copyright case (complete with its own excellent Christmas jingle) has crossed the stage of arguments in the Delhi High Court. We await the judgment from Justice Endlaw, hopefully in early 2015.

It is interesting to ponder on the fact that the injunction in this case was granted in 2012.Therefore, this injunction has been in force for over two years while arguments continued. This is not an aberration but a commonplace occurrence in India where our Court system moves slowly. Therefore, a word of caution from SpicyIP that our Courts should keep this fact in mind while deciding to grant an injunction.

Merry Christmas to all of you! As a Christmas gift, I give you this! 🙂

Ho Ho Ho!


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