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Call For Papers: IJIPL 2014-2015

The Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law is now accepting submissions for its 2014-15 edition. Details are as below:


Call for Papers Vol. VII, 2014-2015

The Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law is India’s first student run journal that is wholly devoted to intellectual property law. Published annually, it is an endeavour of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad in collaboration with the N.C. Banerjee Centre for Intellectual Property Law to address contemporary issues that engulf the arena of intellectual property rights. The Journal, now in its seventh year of publication, serves as a forum for seeking out quality academic writing in the constantly evolving field of intellectual property law. It aims at not only documenting student scholarship but also serves to boost the intellectual property academia in the country. The force behind IJIPL is its four member student Editorial Board which is assisted by an Advisory Panel consisting of several renowned experts in the field of intellectual property law. The journal accepts submissions in the form of articles, essays, notes and comments.

The Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law is pleased to invite contributions for Volume VII of 2015. This year, the Journal seeks to invite manuscripts dealing with general intellectual property law and related interdisciplinary fields. It seeks to promote original scholarship and hence all manuscripts sent for publication must contain original thought and research and must not have been published earlier.

The Submissions must be in accordance with the Submission Guidelines and Editorial Policy. .

Submissions are to be mailed to [email protected] and a copy marked to [email protected].

Queries may be directed to the same IDs, but please write “Query” in the subject line. The Editors may also be contacted here.

The submission deadline is 11:59 pm on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015.


Aishwaria Ramanan

Balaji Subramanian

Enakshi Jha

Soumya Cheedi

The Board of Editors (2014-2015)

The Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law

Balaji Subramanian

Balaji is a third year student at NALSAR, Hyderabad. He is currently an editor of the Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law. He is fascinated by technology law and IP law, and is an active member of NALSAR's Technology Law Forum. When he isn't doing law school things, he wanders the country looking for quizzes to participate in. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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