SpicyIP Tidbit : Rain ravages Chennai IPO?

We received a tip off from an anonymous source that the rain that devastated Chennai in November and early December, also found its way into Chennai’s IPO – destroying many trademark and patent files in the basement and on the ground floor. We hear that until recently, the water was being pumped out of the office, with casual labourers retrieving the files and leaving them out to dry at the bus stand. With the weather forecasts predicting that the rains are all set to make a comeback in Chennai, it is even more pertinent that the files be restored at the earliest.

If any of our readers can confirm this or provide any update on the subject, please write in!



Kiran George

Kiran Mary George is a Third Year student at ILS Law College, Pune. Her first stint in the world of Intellectual Property law was an internship with a registered copyright society that granted her an insight into the world of copyright in music. Since then, her interest in IPR has taken strong hold, and she enjoys keeping close tabs on developments in the field. She is still discovering her interests, but so far takes a special liking to open access, copyright and trademarks.

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