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When Prof. Basheer kick-started the series on absurd patents, readers would have been curious to know how absurd can absurd get. The guest post by Jasneet Kaur proved that human imagination for the bizarre and whacky knows no bounds. Continuing on from the previous post, I bring to you two more patents in our series of puzzling patents.

Hamdog for the confused










Have you ever been reminded of something equally tasty when you are already eating something delicious? At the least, I bet you get stumped once in a while trying to choose between two of your favourite meals while placing an order at the restaurant.  If you fit the above description and are one of those who crave for hamburger and hot dog at the same time, look no further than this newly patented hamdog! Hamdog is a combination of hamburger and hot dog bread bun, successfully patented by Mark Murray from Australia. He got a design patent over it for “the ornamental design for a combination hamburger and hotdog bread bun”. It contains a patty cut in two with the sausage placed in between it.

As a perennially confused food lover, I am firmly in favour of more such innovations. And for the food innovators out there, see this for some new ideas.

Paper bag from Apple

paperbagYou bought your favourite hamdog from a food joint but are in no mood to eat it there. Want to carry that hamdog back home? Apple presents to you the reinforced paper bag! Like in the case of Iphone 7, one cannot be faulted for wondering what exactly is so new about this paper bag. As per Apple, 60% of the bleached sulphate paper in its paper bag comes from recycled material. Thus, the bag’s USP is that it is much more resistant to tearing as compared to other paper bags. Also, the bag’s handles with its shoelace like feel is apparently an ‘advancement’ over the normal paper bag handles. The patent application is still under process and one only hopes that Apple now does not come up with a water-proof version of it and tries to patent that too! After all, “a paper bag by any other name (or reinforced material) would still be a paper bag”!

While the patentability of these innovations would be debatable, the entertainment value they provide for the onlooker is beyond doubt.

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