Call for Blog Posts: NLSIU’s Indian Journal of International Economic Law Blog [Submission on rolling basis]

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We are pleased to announce that NLSIU’s Indian Journal of International Economic Law (“IJIEL”)’ Blog is inviting blog posts on a rolling basis. For further details, please read the call for blog posts below:

IJIEL Blog: Call for Submissions on a Rolling Basis

The Indian Journal of International Economic Law (“IJIEL”), the flagship international economic law journal of the National Law School of India University, is pleased to call for blogs on a rolling basis.

About us

We are a student-edited, peer-reviewed law journal published annually by the National Law School of India University, Bangalore under the patronage of the Ministry of Commerce Chair on WTO Law. The IJIEL Blog was envisaged as a supplement to the mandate and objectives of its namesake Journal and serves as a more convenient forum for the facilitation of dialogue on international economic law. The Journal has witnessed the publication of pieces by luminaries of the field such as Raj Bhala, Yogesh Pai, Fiona Smith and Faizel Ismail, and the Blog strives to reach the same heights. We welcome pieces addressing all aspects of the vast domain of international economic law, including trade and development law, international arbitration law, intellectual property law, international taxation law and everything else in between. IJIEL also has the mandate of covering aspects of international economic law affecting the developing world, and pieces to that effect are also welcome.

Who can Contribute?

The IJIEL Blog solicits submissions from academics, practitioners, and others; we also accept student articles and notes.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Types of Blog Pieces

The blog seeks to foster nuanced perspectives and research on international economic law. To this end, submissions may be made in the following categories:

  1. Pieces on contemporary legal developments, legal or otherwise, and themes in international economic law that may either be recent or recurring;
  2. Case comments on judgements on international economic law by any recognized forum of adjudication;
  3. Responses to pieces published in previous volumes of the IJIEL Journal or Blog;
  4. Book Reviews engaging with recently published literature on international economic law.
  1. Word Limit

The word limit for all blog pieces is 750 to 2000 words. It must be noted that the word limit is flexible, and pieces falling outside the word limit may be accepted by the discretion of the Editor.

  1. Citations

Must be done pursuant to OSCOLA’s 4th Edition, which can be accessed here. The citations must be in the form of endnotes. Using hyperlinks or footnotes will lead to the receipt of a reply of redoing citations.

  1. Sending your piece to IJIEL

Contributions should be mailed only in a soft copy (.doc or .docx format) to [email protected], the subject of the mail being ‘Submission for IJIEL Blog’. For pieces on extremely recent developments that may lose their novelty or relevance within days, authors may request an expedited review by adding the word “Expedited” in the subject line.

Looking forward to reading, reviewing and publishing your pieces on the IJIEL Blog!

Best regards,

IJIEL Editorial Board


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