Guest Post Submission Guidelines

1. The post submitted must be relevant to the Indian IP landscape even if it’s not directly about an Indian development.

2. Posts that reflect on current or recent IP developments are preferred. However, posts reflecting on historical IP related issues or larger IP themes at a conceptual or macro level are also welcome (although the review of topical posts will be prioritised).

3. The topic chosen must fit within the broader mission of the blog i.e. to foster a more transparent, collaborative and productive IP/innovation eco-system for India. It must have a public interest and/or transparency related angle to them and to the extent applicable, this must be demonstrated, described or analysed in the post.

4. If the topic has already been covered on the blog, then the post must introduce in a new angle, dimension or perspective. You may search our blog here to check if a topic has already been covered.

5. The post must be analytical and not merely descriptive.

6. It must be written in a blog format and in simple language which can be followed by the uninitiated lay persons.

7. It must ideally be 900-1200 words in length.

8. It must include sub-headings to help readers navigate through the post easily and quickly.

9. Citations must be included in the form of hyperlinks to the sources referred (open access version where available) within the text itself. Footnotes must be used only for those sources which are not available online. The post must also link back to previous SpicyIP posts wherever relevant.

10. It must be original and unpublished. It must simultaneously not be submitted elsewhere for publication.

11. The analysis of the issue/s discussed therein must be objective and not influenced by any personal, monetary or any other secondary interests. If there’s any conflict of interest, a disclosure to that effect must be made. Even if you’re not representing or advising a client on or otherwise have an interest in the particular issue that you’re writing on, but you have done so in the past or usually advise clients on related issues, you must disclose that as well in the post.

12. Please e-mail your submissions to us at [email protected] with the subject ‘Guest Post Submission’ in a Microsoft Word document format. Please include the title and a short summary (1-2 lines) of the post and a short bio of yours in the body of the e-mail. You may also send us a photograph of yours (good quality and 230 x 230 pixels in size), if you would like it to be published along with the post.

13. While the ownership of copyright in your post shall remain with you, by submitting it to us to be considered for publication, you grant us the license to publish it, anywhere in the world, in any medium for the full term of copyright. You also agree to public re-use of your published posts under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License. All other rights in relation to the posts and the website vest with SpicyIP. Other than as mentioned here, your posts and any usage of the website would be governed by the website’s Terms & Conditions.

14. We reserve the right to edit the submitted posts to correct grammar, usage or punctuation or make any changes in their title, style, format etc. as necessary to conform to the editorial usage, format and style of the blog before publication.

15. While we’ll try to review your submission as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee to review it within a certain time frame. However, as mentioned above, the review of posts on recent or current developments will be prioritized over that of other posts. Also, given the large number of submissions we’ve been receiving, unfortunately we may no longer be able to acknowledge or respond to each submission. If you do not hear back from us within 10 days, it means that we could not take your submission forward after a preliminary review.

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