I had posted on the Lipitor litigation sometime back and promised to come back with more analysis. The Lipitor litigation is unfortunately too complex and scattered to track. Here’s a helpful site that helps you track this. The IP Kat reports:

“The Lipitor Scorecard is a popular feature of IP scholar and strategist Duncan Bucknell’s website. It charts the state of progress – and eventually the result – of the disputes between Ranbaxy and Pfizer over the Lipitor patent in 16 separate jurisdictions. Well, now that Duncan has established the concept, he’s looking for a bigger challenge. Having learned from the IPKat that Anheuser-Busch and Budejovicky Budwar have been slugging it out in some 40 countries for the right to control the use of the talismanic word BUDWEISER, he’d like to compose a Budweiser Scorecard too. “

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