Herbal Cure for Diabetes II Granted Patent

Coming as they do with a pronounced sweet tooth, the people of Rajasthan have discovered an Indigenous cure for Diabetes Mellitus… a bit of a paradox alright!

Perhaps the fetish for the syrupy, sweet and savory called for an antidote with the rising incidence of Diabetes Mellitus across the State and the Country.

Even the Dal Bhatti in the local Jaipur food joint is laced with sugar so fine, that my south Indian palate cannot distinguish between the main course and dessert!

Hindu Reports

A medicinal composition for the cure of diabetes, prepared from the extracts of the commonly found Kadamb tree (Mitragyna parvifolia) leaves, has been granted patent by the Controller-General of Patents, India. The composition, containing cadambine and dihydroconchonine, two types of alkaloids found in the tree, has also received an international classification number from the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

The inventor of the medicine, Suresh Sharma of Jaipur, says it took him over 20 years and bankruptcy to develop the medicine which has successfully been tried on 1,300 patients suffering from Type II diabetes.

Kadamb is considered a sacred tree and worshiped by Hindus in North India. The tree, associated with the Lord Krishna legend, is found in large numbers in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan and in the adjoining Mathura and Agra districts of Uttar Pradesh.

The inventor of the medicine, Suresh Sharma of Jaipur, says it took him over 20 years and bankruptcy to develop the medicine which has successfully been tried on 1,300 patients suffering from Type II diabetes.

‘Madhu Meha meha’(sounds more a like Rajasthan folk tune ) , the Indian term for Diabetes coined by Sushrutha is a disease that ailed the Indian populace since time ancient and the Indian physicians were aware of this ailment some 5000 years back.

A chronic lifestyle disorder of noveau times and junk food patterns, the prevalence of this disease amongst the Indian population shows an alarming increase in figures over the last decade, substantially impacting annual healthcare expenditure.

The popular belief that this is an ailment of the ‘rich and famous’ appears fallacious given that the rurals as much suffer from the ailment while remaining happily oblivious to the potential complications caused by the disease. Allopathic prescriptions for the disease come with serious side effects after prolonged use.

Medical costs, accessible healthcare and delivery model, breaking social mindset against modern medical cures, mitigating side effects of allopathy etc, all of them seem to be make out a strong case in favor of according legal sanction and regulation to Indigenous sources of medicine while giving it more visibility as a viable healthcare option.

Kadamb looks promising…… and with a patent it can perhaps safely coast mainstream as well.


  1. AvatarDavid

    My guess is that this supposed ‘cure’ is itself a form of elevated BS (an acronym, by the way). If it is so important, why has the inventor not filed any applications abroad?

  2. AvatarBasil

    oh come on. There is no cure for Type 1 or 2.

    Your best bet is to try to control it with a blood sugar supplement like at vitabase.com

  3. AvatarAysha Shaukat

    Hello all…thanks for your comments.

    Wide media reports claims that the inventor has acquired a patent, one that I am in the process of verifying.

    Basil,am circumspect too with the statement that BS can be cured . At best it can be controlled.

    Thanks Herbal medicine …Other sources of indigenous medicine also use herbal therapeutics such as the bitter gourd and the seed of the Indian Blue berry(naga palam in the vernacular) to control BS…

    Will revert with data on the patent Thanks

  4. AvatarAnonymous

    This is very good news for diabetes who have no true hopes till now. But when will this drug hit the market? What is the time lag between patenting and manufacture? Is the process complicated? Our country is known for in-ordinate delays and fragile information. As many such news have faded out without getting materialised nobody can be happy unless it comes true

  5. AvatarAnonymous

    What happend to thi?!!!


    Indian scientists claim to have found “cure” to diabetes
    Indian scientists claimed to have developed a drug as a “cure” to diabetes from a plant found in West Bengal’s Purulia hills.
    “The drug – ‘ICB201’ – has been derived from a plant after it was noticed that people in Purulia hills used it in case of diabetic problems,” Dr S Bhattacharya of Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata, whose team developed the drug, said at the Science Congress here last evening.
    Bhattacharya, delivering B C Guha Memorial Award Lecture on “Confronting Diabetic Type II: A global Epidemic”, claimed – “probably the answer to ‘Type-II’ diabetes has been found”.
    Asserting that earlier there was “practically no drug to treat the Type II diabetes”, he said ‘ICB201’ acts by lowering the fatty acid levels in blood. Higher levels of fatty acids in blood diminish activity of insulin which causes diabetes”.
    The Phase I toxicity studies on mice have been carried out and the data would be submitted to concerned authorities. Phase II studies would start in about two-three months and the drug is likely to hit the market in next two to three years, Bhattacharya said.
    Pointing out that patents were being filed for the “invention”, he said work on the medicine started four years back. However, he refused to reveal the name of the plant.

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  7. Avataralekh

    i am Suresh Sharma’s son . My father found the cure for diabetes. He expired on 16/12/08 in jaipur.We are in process of manufacturing the above medicine commercially and it may take some time. any body interested in the medicine or want to know more about it can contact me at my email add.”[email protected]” My phone no is 00919672481885, 00919214948248. I am based in Jaipur,Rajasthan. India and my postal add. is K-165.Flat no. G1, Shailputri appt.Shyam nagar. Jaipur, Rajasthan. India


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