Free IP Database: The WIPO Magazine!

The World Intellectual Property Organisation’s magazine endeavours to inform readers about WIPO-led activities, and to showcase intellectual property, creativity and innovation at work across the world, this issue of the WIPO Magazine covers a wide range of topics like from climate change to a public forum at the WIPO for LDCs.

The WIPO Magazine is currently available free of charge. This can be availed by readers- both online and in print in three languages (English, French, Spanish).

The launch of the magazine is great news for all IP enthusiasts, who are ecstatic about one more database, dedicated to patents, and available easily and inexpensively to readers!


  1. Anshuman

    This is not the first issue of the WIPO Magazine that has been published. The magazine has been in existence since about a decade now. The first issue came out in 1998, as far as I can remember, and replaced the Industrial Property and Copyright monthly review.


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