OPEN BOOK SOCIETY: Providing easy access to Academic Writing

Spicy IP is happy to announce the arrival of yet another student initiative that hopes to make academic resources more easily available to the public in general, and students in particular, primarily using the medium of the Internet. The OPEN BOOK SOCIETY, a society registered in Karnataka, is a voluntary body that is founded and run by students across the nation from premier institutions such as the National Law School of India University and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Notably, this endeavour has already been endorsed by distinguished members of the academic and legal fraternity such as Honourable Justice AN Ray, Honourable Justice Gulab Gupta and Mrs. Nayanjyot Lahiri.

Hoping to follow resource bases such as Kluwer Online and JSTOR, the Society hopes to digitally archive volumes of various academic journals with due acknowledgment to the authors concerned on an open-access basis completely free of cost! To achieve this objective, members of the society have begun obtaining licences from various Universities and other publishing bodies, scanning the same and developing a website that is easily accessible to all. In an ambitious beginning, the Society has already digitized and uploaded “The Central India Law Quarterly”- one of India’s oldest and least accessible journals.

The team at SpicyIP wholly supports this endeavour of helping several students (like myself) have easier, better and inexpensive access to required academic resources. Great job guys!

The first uploaded journal by the Society can be found at http://www.cili.in/

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