Recommendation of Traditional Medicine Group to Knowledge Commission

India’s’ healthcare pundits seem to be infusing a healthy dose of ‘lateral thinking’ in the face of India’s diverse healthcare requirements.

Not so much of a paradigm shift in thought patterns as much as it is about trying to fit in some conventional medical wisdom to reconcile India’s’ public health concerns , the focus is on leveraging India’s’ repertoire of Traditional Medicine.

The Report submitted by the Working Group on Traditional Medicine to the Knowledge Commission of India indicates that a singular approach to Indian healthcare may not suffice and a pluralistic approach may offer some creative insights on structuring new health care models that blend modern bio med and traditional medicine.

Outlining a ten year agenda that inter alia suggests the constitution of a National Mission on Traditional health Sciences on India, the Report avers that

‘Global health sector trends suggest that Medical pluralism, within which Traditional Systems of Indian Medicine should form a critical component, will shape the future of healthcare. This shift from singularity to plurality is taking place because it is becoming increasingly evident that no single system of healthcare has the capacity to solve all of society’s health needs. India has a comparative advantage and can be a world leader in the era of medical pluralism because it has strong foundations in western biomedical sciences and an immensely rich and mature indigenous medical heritage of its own.’

For the full length report read here

Shoring up Infrastructure and IPR are key recommendations contained in the Report.

The Knowledge Commission is primarily aimed at transforming India into a knowledge based society based on the concepts of access, creation and conceptualization of knowledge and the optimal application of the knowledge into effective services models.

The findings of the Working Group definitely does signify and embody the charter of the Knowledge Commission in all its spirit and intent!

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