SpicyIP Tidbit: IP Delegation from the Land of Rising Sun

For long India has taken comfort from the fact that its record on counterfeiting of goods and protection of Intellectual Property is better than that of China. It appears that the Indian establishment is in for a surprise. As reported by The Yomiuri Shimbun, a 25-member Japanese delegation with a good sprinkling of government mandarins, including officials from the Japanese Patent Office and private manufacturers from the automobiles, electronics and pharmaceutical industries is in India to present its case on counterfeiting of Japanese goods and to seek stronger and effective methods of enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights. According to the Shimbun:

“The delegation will ask the Indian government to strengthen controls to stop the import and export of counterfeit goods and pirated items at the border, and to consider legislation on protecting intellectual property rights.”

The delegation plans to visit the patent offices, custom offices and related agencies to emphasise the importance of protecting intellectual property in a situation of a burgeoning economy. Here it must also be pointed out that Indian government itself loses Rs.900 Crores to the counterfeit market in a global market valued at $500 billion.

Jointly Posted by Yashasvini Kumar and J.Sai Deepak

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