SpicyIP Tidbit:Getting Propsperous with IPRs’

If the numbers game is anything to go by, then the uptrend in the number of patent and GI filings this year is an affirming statistic.

The Indian Patent scene witnessed a record number of patents grants during the financial year 2007-08.ET reports that 15,262 patents were granted this year, doubling last years figures.Total patent filings crossed 35,000 during the year.

Meanwhile on the G.I front , 31 new products were granted G.I status

More Indians are attempting to legally protect the uniqueness of products originating from their regions in order to save their commercial interests.
GIs registered during 2007-08 include Muga Silk from Assam, Madhubani paintings from Bihar, Aleppy Coir, Malabar pepper and Alleppey Green Cardamom from Kerala, Salem and Arani Silks and Kovai Cora Cotton from Tamil Nadu, Allahabad Surkha from Uttar Pradesh, Nakshi Kantha from West Bengal, Silver Filigree from Andhra Pradesh, and Monsooned Malabar Coffees from Karnataka and Kerala.(Hindu Business Line)

Perhaps indicative of the growing awareness that IPRs constitute a discrete asset class that can yield an independent revenue stream……its not just the IBMs that are leveraging arbitrage opportunities from IPR assets, its percolating to the grassroots as well

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