SpicyIP Tidbit: Bumper harvest of Crop G.Is in Karnataka

The Bio-verdant state of Karnataka is on a high thrust mode to acquire G.I registration for its indigenous bio-crops.

The State already has six crops in its G.I kitty. It is in the process of registering nine crops this year and a impressive line up of another twenty one crops on completion of the earlier round.

The crops for which the Geographical Indication tag is sought are: Byadagi Chilli, Devanahalli Chakkota, Kamalapura Red Banana, Sagar Appe Midi Mango, Mattu Gulla Brinjal, Bangalore Rose Onion, Totapuri Mango, Bangalore Blue Grapes and Janagere Jackfruit.( The Hindu)

Thats quite a bounty!…..

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