SpicyIP Tidbit: Indian Filmmaker complains about American Piracy.

And in a patent heavy blog of late, seems like copyright infringement is making a comeback into the spotlight. And how! If you thought only the Indian enforcement systems were complained about, this news report may indicate a switcheroo! Recently, on April 22, 2008, the anti-piracy drive from India took its battle and made representations before the US Congress. This was done to mark World IP Day, in recognition of talented creators around the globe.

In a market, where Indian movies are the top-grossers in the foreign film category in the United States and where home videos alone make up to 15% of India’s entertainment industry, veteran filmmaker Bobby Bedi at Capitol Hill lamented the loss of almost 90% ie. approximately 4 billion dollars worth of revenue through outlets like small retail stores. Bedi further commented that American enforcement agencies did not do enough to plug losses suffered by Indians in the entertainment industry in the United States when compared to their American counterparts.

This was supplemented by a recent study by the US Indian Business Council (conducted independently, the global accounting firm E&Y); The study was commissioned as part of a joint initiative by the council and the FICCI, as well as a combined drive by the Hollywood and Bollywood entertainment industries to promote “convergence”.

Not surprisingly, several eminent speakers on the occasion stated that the focus must be on creating more inexpensive movies to help curtail the losses incurred- which brings us back to that oft-debated spicy point- Is the motive of all creativity largely profit driven?

Read the full report here. Read also a related report on rising piracy here.

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