SpicyIP Tidbit: IPR and the Government

The DIPP has launched an ambitious 300 crore plan to revamp IPR implementation mechanisms and to sensitize stakeholders.

This will entail:
1. Setting up a state-of-the-art trademark registry office in Ahmedabad.
2. Enhancing the infrastructure capacities of the existing trademark office in New Delhi.
3. Setting up a National Institute for Intellectual Property Management at Nagpur.

Senior Commerce Ministry officials have stated that there is a need to raise levels of IPR protection as more multinational players enter the markets. Secondly, as our laws are now TRIPS compliant, implementation is the next logical step. Thirdly, IPR implementation isn’t only about bowing to external pressure but also about catering to areas like our own music and film industries.

On March 13, DIPP organised a meeting of all concerned ministries and departments that handle IP to facilitate better coordination and understanding on IP issues for improved compliance seeking updates on all current and emerging issues in IP. They looked into optical disk legislation, data protection, traditional knowledge and issues relating to copyright on the internet.


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