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SpicyIP Tidbits: Allegations on Wrongful Promotion of Erlocip refuted.

Just recently, SpicyIP reported the allegedly wrong promotion of Erlocip as a drug that treats 4 forms of cancer, while this was supposedly possible. This matter was to be looked into by the DGCI. Now LiveMint that first covered this story, also has a scoop on the denial of this charge by Erlocip’s manufacturer Cipla.

Responding to a letter seeking clarification from the DGCI, the Company through its CEO, has denied all allegations on merit and has stated that as per common practice, it had “merely informed” the doctors of the effects of the drug during clinical trials on various types of cancers but it had not promoted the drug for any unapproved uses.

While the Mint reports that reputed Oncologists believe that the line between informing a doctor about all possible uses of a drug and promoting its prescription was blurred, this allegation by Roche (through Taksal Pharma) is only another twist in this long ongoing battle both in and out of Court between the two pharmaceutical giants- with no resolution in near sight.

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