SpicyIP Tidbit: Infy bags two Patents at the USPTO

A Press Release from Infy Newsroom states:

Infosys Technologies Limited (NASDAQ:INFY) today announced that it has been granted two patents by the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office. These patents are in the areas of holography and mobile communications.

Commenting on the occasion, Subu Goparaju, Head – SETLabs said, “Innovation is imperative for growth. We are fostering a culture of innovation and investing in research through SETLabs – Infosys’ Research Group. We set up an Intellectual Property (IP) cell in 2004 to leverage the power of IP for our growth and we are pleased to see results.”

After years of being focused on services, the labours of creating intellectual property by Indian software services companies are beginning to pay of
Growing non-linear revenue is a major theme of Infosys business strategy. Intellectual property forms the most important part of that strategy. The solutions we build for our clients as well as tools and platforms we build for changing our delivery models: they all make our Intellectual property,” said Subu Goparaju, head – SETLabs. The company invests 1.3% of its revenues on R&D.

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