SpicyIP Event: Protest of software patents by candlelight vigil in Bangalore, Aug 23rd.

Readers may recall the various posts that SpicyIP has written on the status of Software Patents in India and abroad. The draft Patent manual, which has created scares of creating a backdoor entry for allowing Software patents is currently undergoing public consultation in the various metros. The Bangalore round of discussions is tentatively scheduled for the 27th of August and civil groups are preparing to protest the ‘sneaking in’ of the clause allowing software patents by means of a candlelight vigil and preparing a document for a written appeal against the same. See more details below.


Free Software User Group is organising candle light vigil to say no to software patents on 23rd Saturday.

Software patents are rejected by Indian Parliament in 2005 (Patent Amendment bill 2005). But Indian Government is now trying to push it through back door by bringing a Patent manual. Public consultations on this draft manual is going on in various metros in India. Bangalore. Consultation is scheduled for the last week of August.

The Candle light vigil to “Say No To Software Patents” is a occasion to raise civil society voice against this back door trojan to Indian patent system. Software Patents kills innovation & competition. Patents turn software publishing into the privilege of a few. Software is a key technology that is important to every company, every public administration, and every household. Therefore, everything that makes the software industry ill has effects on the entire organism, on all aspects of the economy and society.

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    Here come the commies again wid all their rabble rousing! what do these people have against “software” patents?!!


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