On the Mumbai attacks

We wish to give our heartfelt condolences to the relatives of the deceased and the injured from the Mumbai attacks that started more than 36 hours ago and are still going on.

Here at SpicyIP, we hope that at least this incident has been hideous enough for those in a position of responsibility to finally stand up and do more than merely condemn the attacks and ensure that terrorism is something that the common man no longer has to worry about.


  1. AvatarSoumili

    This incident is not only hideous, but vociferously condemnable..I simply fail to understand, why do these brainless terrorists attack in vain when they meet failure miserably, because they cannot kill the spirit of this country. I am not only shocked but very very angry at what they have been doing to this country.

  2. AvatarThespian

    It’s no longer terrorism. It’s downright murder. There isnt time to feel terrorized, coz by the time it hits us, we’re already dead.

    May God be with us.


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