Ensuring Transparent Functioning: Functioning of Patent Offices to be revamped

Our readers will remember that the Mint and subsequently this blogger had not so long ago reported on alleged bias and corruption that ruled rampant in the Patent Offices across the country. It seems that those reports in fact made an impact! Announcing that the patent offices are now changing the process of examining applications, one of the Controller General of Patent, Design and Trademark (wishing to remain anonymous until an official order was released) further stated to the Mint that the four Patent Offices would henceforth work in coordination.

The controllers currently in-charge of looking into applications and assigning the same to examiners of their choice, could no longer do so. The working of the offices would from hereon work unitedly as far as allocation of patent examination and process granting was concerned.

This move hopes to cure at the very root the problems and deficiencies that the Mint and the AWS Report pointed out in October since instances of bias were hope to be neutralized.

In addition to this extremely promising move, the Patent Offices also now hope to make full use of the centralized and integrated monitoring system installed to ensure complete transparency and error-free patent granting. They further hope to build security by allowing limited authorized access by patent agents.

Kudos to the Government for looking at possible deficiencies of the Offices in a positive manner and ensuring that steps are taken to correct the same. SpicyIP also congratulates the Mint for bringing to light this story and helping increase transparency in Indian intellectual property institutions.

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