The Dual SIM (Ramkumar) Patent Murder: Vikas Partner Arrested

The Hindu reports that Rajamani, one of the partners in Vikas Systems (the collection agency that worked for Ramkumar) was arrested for the gruesome murder of Sankaran Diwakaran:

“One person was arrested on Wednesday in the case pertaining to the murder of a businessman, Sankaran Diwakaran, in K.K.Nagar on May 1. The arrested person, Rajamani, was a partner in the victim’s company.

Business rivalry has been cited as the motive behind the murder.

Sankaran Diwakaran was hacked to death by a group of men who came on motorcycles. The company was founded to market dual SIM technology in mobiles. There were regular conflicts between the victim and Rajamani over profit-sharing, according to a police press release.

Rajamani has been charged with hiring contract killers from Madurai and Dindigul with a motive of killing Sankaran Diwakaran. Special teams have been formed to arrest other accused in the case.”

From this latest arrest, it would appear that neither Ramkumar nor his lawyers had anything to do with this dastardly act. In fact, our own investigations reveal as below:

i) Vikas Systems was set up specifically to help Ramkumar exploit his patent.

As an aside, I couldn’t help thinking that India needs more agencies of this sort…but ones that would help a legitimate inventor commercialise his/her invention. As many of you appreciate, Lab to Market is the most difficult part of the “innovation” matrix. It would have been terrific if someone had helped Ramkumar to develop a product out of his patent (assuming of course that his patent supported “simultaneous dual SIM communication”). In its revocation petition before the IPAB, Samsung alleges that Ramkumar does not “enable” the patent in any way and that his patent lacks sufficient disclosure. Further, one of our commentators to an earlier blog post had noted that the claims and specification merely describe what is desired to be achieved rather than how it is to be achieved.

ii) Sankaran Diwakaran was the main brain behind Vikas Systems and went around India, convincing several customs authorities to block dual SIM imports.

iii) Apart from Diwakaran and Ramkumar, the other partners in Vikas Systems appear to be Rajamani, Murugesan and James. The arrangement was that Ramkumar being the patentee, would get 60% of the royalties, while the other partners would get 40%.

iv) It appears that Diwakaran was quite unhappy with the fact that Rajamani was not putting in enough work into Vikas’ royalty collection efforts. He was therefore planning to call a board meeting seeking to reduce Rajamani’s share in the royalties (out of the 40%). This angered Rajamani, who collected some thugs from Madurai and hacked Diwakaran to death in broad daylight in KK Nagar, Chennai.

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