IP Vacancies: Nokia (India) is Hiring Patent Professionals

Three lucrative positions have opened up with Nokia (India). Since Nokia’s R&D in India has witnessed significant growth in recent years, the company is now seeking patent professionals that can help capture and protect Nokia’s innovation from India.

Salaries will be commensurate with the best in the industry.

The JD’s are below and the person (s) selected will work out of Bangalore. For those interested in any of these positions, please send your CVs to spicyip[at]gmail.com.


Roles & responsibility

1. Identifying and evaluating inventions – will take care of the IPR process from when the invention is first reported until patent is granted
2. Managing allocated patent portfolio will involve collaborating with inventors, technical experts and external patent attorneys
3. Patent creation responsibilities will cover one or more of the following technology fields: signal processing e.g. audio, speech and video codecs, Broadcasting, PoC, UPnP, Operating Systems, Middleware
4. Will work together with R&D professionals in a multicultural team.


1. Bachelors or masters in engineering & familiar with some of the above mentioned technology areas
2. Experience in technical writing
3. Familiarity with the standardization work of 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), 3GPP2, IETF, ETSI or OMA is an added advantage
4. Experience in patenting issues


Role & Responsibilities

1. Will be working with R&D engineers to uncover valuable inventions and teaching them how to identify their own inventions, and to protect those inventions
2. Identifying and evaluating inventions – you will take care of the IPR process from when the invention is first reported until it is granted as a patent.
3. Managing allocated patent portfolio will involve collaborating with inventors, technical experts and external patent attorneys
4. Patent creation responsibilities will cover one or more specific areas of User Interface technology, as well as helping to harvest innovation in any technology area relevant to India R&D
5. Will be working in a multicultural team


1. Degree-level qualification in science or engineering
2. Considerable experience (2-3 years) of working as an IPR professional
3. Qualification as an Indian, US or European patent attorney
4. Experience in technical writing


Roles & Responsibilities

1. Will participate in implementing and improving patent filing and prosecution activities in India, working with local, global and multiple team influence.
2. The IPR Administrator is expected to solve IPR related administrative problems independently and in cooperation with internal and external interest groups, such as other IPR personnel, inventors, as well as internal and external patent attorneys
3. Acts as a point of contact to IPR related enquiries in particular for the Indian inventors and external patent attorneys, seeking and sharing information
4. Includes training and guiding inventors and IPR personnel in India


1. Two (2) or more years of experience as IPR administrator, preferably in a law firm or company internal patent/prosecution environment
2. Good understanding of patent processes in different jurisdictions, particularly India
3. Excellent organization and prioritization skills, as well as ability of collaboration and networking in multicultural and global environment
4. Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal
5. Must be able to work at intermediate to advanced level in Microsoft Office (excel in particular), internet and other like technologies.
6. Knowledge of IPR management tools is an advantage.

Shamnad Basheer

Shamnad Basheer

Prof. (Dr.) Shamnad Basheer founded SpicyIP in 2005. He's also the Founder of IDIA, a project to train underprivileged students for admissions to the leading law schools. He served for two years as an expert on the IP global advisory council (GAC) of the World Economic Forum (WEF). In 2015, he received the Infosys Prize in Humanities in 2015 for his work on legal education and on democratising the discourse around intellectual property law and policy. The jury was headed by Nobel laureate, Prof. Amartya Sen. Professional History: After graduating from the NLS, Bangalore Prof. Basheer joined Anand and Anand, one of India’s leading IP firms. He went on to head their telecommunication and technology practice and was rated by the IFLR as a leading technology lawyer. He left for the University of Oxford to pursue post-graduate studies, completing the BCL, MPhil and DPhil as a Wellcome Trust scholar. His first academic appointment was at the George Washington University Law School, where he served as the Frank H Marks Visiting Associate Professor of IP Law. He then relocated to India in 2008 to take up the MHRD Chaired Professorship in IP Law at WB NUJS, a leading Indian law school. Later, he was the Honorary Research Chair of IP Law at Nirma University and also a visiting professor of law at the National Law School (NLS), Bangalore. Prof. Basheer has published widely and his articles have won awards, including those instituted by ATRIP, the Stanford Technology Law Review and CREATe. He was consulted widely by the government, industry, international organisations and civil society on a variety of IP issues. He also served on several government committees.


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    recently, i had been taking a lil interest in visiting this blog, as i found it to be a reasonably balanced and of good quality academically. but sometimes i feel a lil disenchanted with some of the posts that relate to openings, essays, etc. although i ve no concern with ur blog-editorial policy, but if ur editorial policy, priority n vision is to be an academically acclaimed blog-site, my humble suggestion would be to avoid such digressions/distractions.
    another less important point: i think the comments carry only the time-stamping but not the date stamping. inclusion of this date stamping will be a welcome improvement.

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    or may be u can simply separate these kinda things from the main section n put them in a new/separate section(s)

  3. AvatarShamnad Basheer

    Dear Mnbvcxz..

    This blog does not cater only to you. It has a number of readers for whom such news/information is very valuable. The title of the post is clear enough–if you’re not interested, don’t bother reading it.

  4. AvatarVidyutSandesh

    Dear All:
    I searched for the above post in Nokia’s global creers’ site and here is the address for :
    here you can search by selecting from a drop down menu, where you can feed in Location>India>Bangalore while chhosing “patent” in the key word search option. Hope this helps.

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    i know its not meant for me, exclusively. on the contrary, i am just a commentator; u guys r the real steerers/authors/contributors. but in ur rather terse response, u didnt take into account my addendum. i guess, it wud ve made u responded a lil differently! anyway, its your choice of words.

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    I agree with mnb……..

    You and your blogs are widely respected.

    Owing to the fact that your blog is read widely, it is super safe to assume that the post in discussion benefited the employer(nokia) vastly.

    Publishing such a post, also gave a push to brand nokia in respect of its employability.

    As a well wisher of this blog, I pray you to be extra careful with posts which might trigger the readers in believing even a remote possibility of ……… (u know what i mean)

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    I’ve really had enough of cowards hiding behind anonymous cloaks and criticising for the sake of it. Pray–is it therapeutic and does it make you feel better? Why don’t you folks create something for a change, instead of looking to criticise all the time??

    Try creating something like this blog and you will then know how much of blood, sweat and tears it really involves. And I’ve refused several offers to commercialise the content by making it paid, only because we believe it benefits the public. And by providing open access to such content, our hope is that IP policy in this country can grow in a healthy and more transparent manner.

    I will continue to put up job positions, as the blog has a number of folks who are tremendously benefited by such postings, It may benefit the employers as well.. but so what?? This blog is not anti industry and does not sympathise with those that are. It does not believe in taking sides. Where industry is on the wrong side of IP law, it will call it to task. And where it does some good, it will highlight it.

    The blog will continue with its mission to strive towards objective analysis of IP issues. If you see any post where that objectivity is compromised, you have every right to point it out to us. But for heavens sake, don’t take our your life’s frustrations and your anti industry vendetta here and point fingers at posts, just because Nokia benefits or TATA benefits. It ends up being a terrible waste of time for me and the other bloggers here. And leaves us with that much less time to construct a useful discussion on the blog.


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