SpicyIP Tidbit: Copyright Board: Need for Speed

According to a news report, the Copyright Board has closed hearings for this year and the next date is scheduled sometime next March. For the last 18 months, the Copyright Board has been dealing with the issue of royalties to be fixed for the radio industry, and no decision has been arrived at as yet. Apparently, in the last two day session, only 3 witnesses from the radio industry were cross examined leaving the industry dismayed at the pace with which the Board has been going about the matter.
In all 13 more witnesses are yet to be examined, 5 and 8 from the radio industry and music industry respectively and the next hearing’s schedule only for March 2010. An expeditious disposal is necessary since the radio industry has informed the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of its non-participation in Phase III bidding unless the royalty issue is resolved.

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