Controller General Kurian Facilitates Trademark Transparency

With all the controversy surrounding the trademark portfolio, currently in the hands of PH Kurian, the the current Controller General, news that the Intellectual Property Office has made available to the public, complete details relating to Trademark Registry is heartening to note and is another example of his continued efforts to increase transparency and public accountability in the trademark office.

From the IPO website’s homepage, a short news report states that:

“In a further step to achieve complete transparency in the Trade Marks Registry, Office of the CGPDTM has made available to the public complete details of pending Trade Mark Applications, Registered Trade Marks including the Prosecution History, Examination Report, Copy of the Application, e-Register of Trade Marks, Copy of the Trade Mark Certificate, Opposition details etc.”

This is a noteworthy development for a couple of reasons. For one, there is the obvious benefit of having such information at our fingertips, made available to us instantly and without any charge. Secondly, there was a significant amount of time, energy and money utilised in obtaining such information, providing ample opportunities to make a quick buck. In effect, the move eliminates the middleman and is a big step towards promoting efficiency, something distinctive to the Kurian administration. The IPO also invites suggestions from all stakeholders for improvement and refinement of the system, a concern that is rarely seen in the administration of such offices. Kudos to Kurian and his office for taking up this issue and making deliberated efforts towards cleaning up the systems currently in place.

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  1. AvatarDr S K

    It is an excellent step taken in the interest of the organisation and in the interest of Public at Large.

    Dr S K Marwah
    Advocate Chandigarh


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