Justice Bhat and Controller General Kurian make it to MIP’s list of 50 most influential people in IP

MIP has come out with its annual list of 50 most influential people in IP throughout the world. According to Managing IP “there are many types of influence that are brought to bear on the IP system:Political, Social, Economic.” On the basis of recommendations and research, Managing IPs journalists in London, Hong Kong, and New York decided the final 50 people among politicians, administrators of IP system, advocates for consumer and patent rights, innovative in-house counsel, out-spoken academics, company bosses and representatives from the digital and online revolution that is renovating the IP industry.

The two Indians who make it to this list of heavy weights, which includes the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, WIPO’s Francis Gurry and CAFC’s Justice Rader, arethe Controller General of Patents, Trademarks and Designs Mr. P.H Kurian and Honourable Mr. Justice Ravindra S Bhat of the Delhi High Court.

PH Kurian, the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, was also on last years list. MIP lists as his achievements all the new orders and regulations passed by him to stimulate India’s IP offices. For example he has passed an order hat all correspondence between a patent applicant and the Office during prosecution should be publicly available. As far as Trade Mark office is concerned, he is recruiting examiners, in preparation for India’s accession to the Madrid Protocol. His decision to move staff between the four main offices (New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai) of India, in order to ensure that there was a full range of expertise in every office and also to break up ‘cosy’ relationships with applicants and their advisers.

Justice Ravindra S Bhat of the Delhi High Court, a new entrant on MIP’s list, who has taken on more than his share of the most important IP cases, which has made him the most eventful judge amongst all IP judges at Delhi High Court. In the Roche v Cipla case, he ruled that public interest could be a factor when deciding not to grant an injunction for medicine. In Bayer v. Cipla, he ruled against an attempt to link the drug controller’s office with the patent office. By deciding a trademark related case between ITC and Philip Morris, Justice Bhat’s influence widened beyond patents. Further, copyright owners are waiting to know his verdict regarding IPRS v Synergy Media Entertainment which is about the rights of copyright societies to collect royalties.

We congratulate Justice Bhat, Mr. Kurian and all those who have made the list.


  1. AvatarKumar

    What ever they says as achivements of P.H.Kurina it is all artificial as of i knew to his claim are hollow if u go interior. He had colapsed the system. so please study what is internally happeneing and bring out the correct news.

  2. AvatarAnonymous


    Looks like Mr. Kurian has successfully shut your scam shop at the patent office.

    The system has collapsed. Really? And what kind of proof did you offer for it?


  3. Avatarkumar

    Mr/Mrs.Anonymous where is the proof for scam first? do u knew maximum people transfered are clean handed and the corupt people are working hand in gloves with CG, he may not take i don’t knew but the corupt officials are very close to Cg and he knews them, what action did he taken upon them? even last week an official close to Cg had taken a bribe from poor indian inventor. we are not aginst the CG, we are aginst the useless actions taken by him to show to the world that he is clean and he is making the systems clean. by his actions persons who were good and clean had been distrubed more. do u knew now most of the officla transfered had beeen transfered abck to there orginal place and those who not got transfers are woking extensively to please the Cg and get the transfers. so we are advicing the CG to act thrice before doing any thing in the patent system. do u knew that CG wants more output in patents but he wants less putput in trademark. what he had done for that u known? how u known blindly u may accept, but the truth is he again centralise the process in trademark and he had called all the trademark contract examiners to mumbai, so they will take leave and they will not work properly since they were transfered, then ultimately the output will be reduced. do u known y he do so, a month back he was removed from the managemnt of trademark office unofficlally ot officlaly we do not knew. in that few months the same examiners who were doing just 10 to 15 cases per day started to do 100 and more cases per day sio the output had been higher. so please study the system internally. we are happy that he had made different specilaized group but he had not followed the basic principle like inclusions of IPC in that. his intension may be good but the way he do it is bad.

  4. AvatarAnonymous

    The basic thing is that nowadays it is very clear Spicy IP and LiveMint is fighting a shadow boxing to promote P.H.Kurian.Whenever there was any controversy regarding the tripping of his power to administer Trade Mark , they have written again and again that it needs some amendment in the Act.But unfortunately this same Kurian made a notification in the Gazette asking Controllers to function as Examiners.Why Spicy IP is silent in this particular issue ? why the so called hero Shamnaad Baseer is silent now>? Why they are not giving their billion dollar comments -what can be allowed under the Act and what cannot be? We have seen in Novartis and other cases that Spicy IP has given their comments on- what can be the legal interpretion and also expressed their views even if the subject matter was subjudice before a court . All knows that Spicy IP is also funded by a big attorney house of Delhi.
    A blog should have the ethics of fairly crticising all issues.They should not be biased for their own interest only. Its time for this media crazy fellas to prove their credentials that they are really writing for law and justice.
    Further looking into the aspect that 80% of the Patent applications in India come from abroad and majority of the beneficiaries are Multi Nationals , it is obvious that people who wants their clients interest to be fulfilled , they will always seek that all information’s and help they can gather from the Patent Office even if it violates the Act ( e.g. Sec 153 ) openly.
    Reform is fine and good for any system but it should not be at the cost of Law.Spicy IP and their team should not forget it while promoting their mask ( P.H.Kurian ) who has been penetrated into the IPO to rupture it for the interest of unknown capitalist interest.

  5. AvatarAnonymous

    Yes right,
    It is high time now Spicy IP should give their comment on whether a quasi-judicial authority like Patent Act should be headed by an IAS ?. why they are silent on this issue ?.
    I think only Lata Jishnu has commented about it , all like Spicy IP ,Live Mint and MIP are silent on this issue for their personal interest.

  6. AvatarAnonymous

    Why don’t you write some thing addressing the ironic condition of Patent Examiners, who are working for the office for more than 7 years and in return they have not got single promotion or pay scale up gradation. They come in the office with down shoulders, cursing the day, they decided to join the Patent Office and leave the office in same manner. In front of media, ministers and foreign visitors , Authorities who are maneuvering the things, talk like every thing is world class in Patent Office, but actually they are not able to take care of there human resources. The administration of Patent office is an example of failure as far as wellness, benefits and motivation of employees are concerned. Authorities go and visit many foreign Patent Offices, but during their visits they don’t try to know ‘what is the pay structure of examiners there’ or they know every thing but this is not an issue for them as this is not related to them; The same people who worked very hard and granted more than 15000 patents in the year 2007-2008, the same people who are actually the pillars of this system, are left neglected.

    I hope you will write some thing on this, however people say that you are very close to CGPDTM, but truth is truth, and it should come on the surface.

  7. AvatarShamnad Basheer

    I believe there is a writ petition in the Madras High court challenging the IPO directive asking asst controllers to examine patent applications. Once we get our hands on this, we will certainly comment on this aspect.

  8. AvatarShamnad Basheer

    Dear Anon (@1.06 pm):

    I’ve released your comment this time. But if you propograte malicious lies and defamatory remarks the next time, you will not be welcome on the blog anymore. We are non profit and we take pride in being objective. Nobody funds us and we write at nobody’s behest. If you took the time to study some of our posts, you’ll realise this (we’ve always taken issue based stands and not personality based stands). In the case of the DG, Mr Kurian himself, we’ve critiqued the running of the patent office even under his leadership, where appropriate (the late issue of patent certificates is one such instance).

    I understand you have some concerns about the present state of the IPO and you may not like the way the Mr Kurian runs things. If so, please engage in a meaningful discussion on these themes by pointing to facts and backing up your arguments. Please specify the issues that trouble you. If you think that controllers should not examine at all despite a paucity of examiners at the office, please articulate this and back it up with reasons. This will engender a better discussion rather than you getting all personal and passing malicious and defamatory remarks. Thanks.


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