SpicyIP Tidbit: Tamil Writer Claims ‘Enthiran’ as Stolen Story of His Tale

Tamil writer Aroor Tamilnadan, whose pen name is Amudha Tamilnadan claims copyright Just weeks after superstar Rajinikanths latest blockbuster ‘Enthiran (Robot)’ hit screens worldwide. The writer lodged a complaint with the Chennai Police Commissioner that ‘Enthiran’ is based on the short story written by him under the title ‘Jughiba’, published in a Tamil magazine ‘Iniya Udhayam’ in 1996, and again in ‘Dhik Dhik Deepika’ magazine in 2007. According to him, Director and producer of “Enthiran” stole the uncooked story from his novel and supplemented elements to the film like fights, songs, and graphics.

Producing printed copies of both publications as proof, Aroor Tamilnadan mentioned : without having any permission, making a film based on a short story which appeared in a registered magazine, amounted to violation of copyright. He urged the police to file a criminal complaint under section 63 of the Indian Copyrights Act.

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