SpicyIP Tidbit: 10 Million Euro claim by Lambretta against Scooters India

Lambretta Consortium (Italian two wheeler manufacturer) has stated that it will claim over 10 million Euros from Scooters India in relation to the unlawful licensing of Lambretta trademark in the EU. Scooters India Limited is an Indian automobile manufacturer in which the government has a 95% stake. Lambretta has said that the European Union Office of Harmonisation (Trademarks and Designs Department) has ruled that Lambretta holds the rights to use the Lambretta trademark in the automotive sector in the EU. Lambretta has claimed that Scooters India had unlawfully licensed the Lambretta trademark to a third party in Europe.

Click here and here for the newspaper reports.

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  1. Sid

    In 1972, the Indian government bought the Milanese factory and the rights to the Lambretta name, creating Scooters India Limited (SIL).

    Source:: wikipedia

    may be someone can throw some light on the authenticity of this statement

  2. Mahendra Singh

    Hi Sid & Prakrut,

    I found this interesting info at the Scooters India web site:

    “The Company’s plant owes its origin to M/s. Innocenti of Italy from which it bought over the plant and machinery, design, documentation, copyright etc. The company also possesses the world right of the trade name LAMBRETTA / LAMBRO.

    In 1975, company started its commercial production of Scooters under the brand name of Vijai Super for domestic market and Lambretta for overseas market. It added one more wheel to its product range and introduced three wheelers under the brand name of VIKRAM/LAMBRO. However, in 1997, strategically, the company discontinued its two-wheeler production and concentrated only on manufacturing and marketing of 3 wheelers. These three wheelers have become more relevant in the present socio-economic environment as it transports goods and passengers at least cost.”

    I remember reading in India Today (in early 1980s when SIL became sick) that the second hand scooter plant was bought as junk @ Rs. 2.25 per kilo! What I find curious is that SIL never marketed the scooters under the LAMBRETTA trademark in India although the brand was well recognised in the country, being used for a long time by API which made an earlier version of the same scooter under license. When API’s collaboration with Innocenti expired, it started selling the same scooter under the trademark LAMBY, just like Bajaj Auto started using BAJAJ instead of VESPA. Why would SIL use VIJAI trademark in India if it had world rights to LAMBRETTA? Was it because API had exclusive rights for India? But the collaboration with API had come to an end when SIL started selling scooters. Interestingly, SIL used to supply kits to various state govt. PSUs which used to sell the scooter under their respective trademarks. For instance, the Mohali-based Punjab Govt. PSU marketed the scooter under the trademark KESARI. When this particular PSU became sick, it started using the factory for making (believe it or not) utensils!

  3. Mahendra Singh

    Hi Prakruthip,

    Can you provide the link to the ruling given by European Union Office of Harmonisation (Trademarks and Designs Department)? I couldn’t locate it.




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