Copyright, Courts and Christmas

“Dashing to the court

In a mighty fancy sleigh

O’er the case we gloat

Laughing all the way

A bunch of copyright crooks

Been rippin’ off our books

What fun it is to sue this chain

In a copyright case again

Copyright… copyright….. copyright all the way..

Oh what fun it is to make these needy students pay..


The above copyright jingle (taken from this Youtube video) owes itself to the highly talented duo of John Daniel (a lawyer turned musician) and Sudarshan Suresh (a lawyer turned filmmaker). The lyrics were by a “friendly Santa, well versed in the law”.

 May this Christmas and new year bring good cheer to a number of anxious students hoping for a reversal of an egregious injunction against Delhi University and its photocopier! For more background to this copyright dispute that is certain to go down in the annals of IP history as a landmark case around IP and access to education, see here. And for the latest on this dispute, see here. Merry Christmas to all of you!

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