NUJS Law Review Special Issue on the Copyright Amendment Act: Read it to believe it!

This is a slightly belated notification but the Copyright Conference of 2012, has culminated in the publication of a special issue on the recent copyright amendments (Vol. 5 2012 No. (4) NUJS Law Rev.)

Shamnad played a key and lead role in bringing this issue into existence!

Various debates that took place at the Copyright Conference, took shape and transformed into informative, exhaustive and excellent papers that have now been published.

This publication covers huge ground and deals with issues relating to the music/movie industry, the Copyright Board, technological developments, accessibility and fair dealing. Read it to decide whether the amendments create a ‘fair balance’ – are they a welcome change or missed opportunity?

The issue has a star-studded list of contributors: from our very own Shamnad sir, Prashant and Swaraj to late Rahul Cherian (an inspiration to all of us), Latha Nair, Rajendra Kumar, Lawrence Liang, Sam  Taraporevala, Pranesh Prakash, Ananth Padmanabhan, Udit Sood and Ujwala Uppaluri.

Such a list, really makes this issue a must read!


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