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We’ve recently come across some wonderful new resources that our readers may be interested in. As it’s often difficult to know what information is available where, and since it would be a shame if these wonderful new resources went undiscovered, I thought I’d list out some of those that have caught my eye over the last few months. I’ve tried to focus on resources that are ‘open’, relatively new, and that would be useful for students, teachers and researchers in particular. (They may not necessarily fall under the definition of OER though)

1. Centre for Communication Governance (CCG, NLU Delhi) – Teaching & Learning Resources

ccg logoWhile not strictly IP (though lots of overlap), many of our readers may be interested in an absolutely wonderful new resource section that the CCG has put together for public consumption. This beautifully designed database is divided into 18 topics, each with a curated list of resources that any student, teacher or researcher can access. Over 40 relevant videos will be uploaded soon as well! The focus seems to be on Media law and regulations. I believe they’re still adding material to their lists, so you can expect it to become even better soon! If any readers have resources they think should be added to their list, please do contact them as well. It is supported by the British Council.

This is a terrific initiative and it would be wonderful if more law professors / researchers would share resources this way. You can visit their page here.

2. Nalsar’s Technology Law Forum (TLF) – Blog & “Commons” section

tlf14Launched just a few weeks ago, the TLF online portal focuses on tech law developments, especially as they relate to India. The editorial board currently contributes blog postings but notably they are also looking to bring in posts on tech-law developments from other law schools as well as engineering schools. While the blog itself promises to be an interesting one – it also has a few other features worth nothing:

1) The “101s” category – rather than discussing emerging developments as they do in the rest of the blog, here the editorial team breaks down basic or emerging concepts for any new learner to start from. Concepts they’ve started with so far include bitcoins, ‘the right to be forgotten’, and intermediary liability.
2) “The Commons” – where they have their own curated list of publicly available resources that tech-law focused individuals may want to access.

This is a terrific student run initiative and seems well worth following. (Full disclosure: I act as the editorial team’s external advisor). You can view the TLF blog here.

3. Major National and International Resources


  • The Government of India’s newly launched ‘Make in India’ campaign includes a section on IPR – available here.
  • The European Patent Office released a detailed IPR Course Design Manual – available here.
  • Lawyers Collective with support from UNITAID launched a searchable patent information database, in which detailed patent information on the status of key medicines in India is provided – available here.
  • The “100% Open Innovation Toolkit” launched by 100%Open, with tools and information covering everything about Open Innovation – available here.
  • And last but not least, any of the many new/updated databases provided by WIPO – under their Policy Section, or under their Reference Section.

If you know of more new-ish resources that should be brought to attention, please do mention them in the comments below!

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