Update on Microsoft’s run in with Bombay HC: Microsoft to enter into consent terms

Earlier this week, Prashant had reported about Microsoft getting pulled up by Justice Gautam Patel of the Bombay High Court for misleading him into granting in an Anton Piller order. Readers may recall that Microsoft was chastised for its “false suggestions” and “gross suppression” in its pleadings to the Court in the case, which involved an allegation of illegal use of Microsoft’s software by the Defendant, Girnar Software Pvt Ltd in its computer systems. The Court had then given Microsoft the opportunity to withdraw its suit on the next date of hearing, which took place day before yesterday. The Court has now issued an order recording Microsoft’s submission to enter into a settlement on mutually agreed terms with the Defendant. The Court has further indicated that it will make an order on the exact permissible terms for withdrawal of the suit and consent terms on the next date of hearing, which has been listed as August 1st.


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