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SpicyIP Announcements: PatSeer’s Hackathon to Beat COVID-19

We’re glad to inform you that PatSeer has undertaken an initiative to assist anyone working or researching on medical devices, vaccines or drugs to combat COVID-19, free of cost. For further details, please read the announcement below:

PatSeer’s Hackathon to Beat COVID-19

We are running an initiative to beat COVID-19, in it we will help anyone working / researching on medical devices, vaccines or drugs to combat COVID-19.

To fast-track your ongoing research, we will work with the information professional and IP analyst community to get you the answers you need from patents and journals. We will bear all the costs for the work done by the analyst.

If you know how to operate patent databases, we we can also give you a 2-months free access to PatSeer, a patent and scientific journal research platform.

What can a researcher ask?

Let’s say the research category is ‘Drug Discovery & Therapy’, you can ask for patent and scientific literature search, as well as secondary research with analysis/insights to answer 2-3 specific questions.

Examples of the same are, as follows:

  • Give me a list of patents on low cost ventilators and their legal standing in my country.
  • What is the patent landscape around patents filed on Coronavirus?
  • A patent is blocking my research. Can you do an invalidity search against it?

How does it work?

  • You can post your information or analysis request to PatSeer here.
  • We will use the PatBnB platform to post your requirement to a global pool of researchers.
  • You can bid for the project and we will bear their charges on your behalf.
  • We will also provide necessary tools such as patent databases (PatSeer) and others for free to you to complete your projects.
  • The team of PatBnB will do a quality check for the answers submitted and send across the curated output to you.

Please visit our website here for more information.

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