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Clash over spark plugs!

Type rest of the post here The scuffle that has arisen between Bajaj Auto and TVS Motors is slated to be one the most attention-grabbing patent claim disputes on technological inventions in the Indian automobile industry. Digital Twin Spark ignition technology (“DTSi”) which is best associated with Pulsar has been patented in India by Bajaj Auto in July 2005 (Patent No. 195904). Bajaj Auto is also expecting international patent for its spark plugs based on the DTSi technology in various …

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Genetic Patent – Law & Strategy by Dr. Kalyan

Biotechnology is one areas of technology that has influenced patent law like no other. It poses several challenging questions for patent jurisprudence: What ought to be the optimal patentability requirements for micro-organisms and genetic inventions? Do such inventions satisfy the requirements of novelty, non obviousness and utility? More importantly do they pose ethical and moral issues? Dr. Kalyan, in his book titled Genetic Patent – Law & Strategy, endeavours to address the aforesaid issues in a comprehensive manner, with particular …

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