SpicyIP Tidbit: IPR studies in Kerala Academic curriculum.

As a forerunner in all aspects of IPR, the State of Kerala plans to introduce IPR as a core subject in its curriculum both at the school and university level. Readers may recall our earlier post where we had mentioned that Kerala is approaching its IPR initiatives in a systematic bottom up approach.Introducing policy initiatives, gearing up the IP- admin infrastructure and inculcating awareness and educating the young, the State is on a robust IPR mission.Unnikrishnan of Livemint reports: The…

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SpicyIP Tidbit:TK in the Hindu Kush

TK(traditional knowledge) has been quite an attention grabber the last few months-from hotch potch state legislations that threaten to reawaken the bygone era of the License Raj, to high voltage discussions at the Green room in Geneva, TKs’ assumed centre stage. Making inroads into the mountainous terrains of the Hindu Kush, The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development(ICMOD) has launched a project to implement and facilitate an equitable ABS(Access and Benefit Sharing) mechanism in the Eastern Himalayan countries of India,…

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SpicyIP Tidbit:Scotch Whisky in China. India Next?

The international momentum and thrust on protecting Indigenous produce that merit G.I protection is fast catching up Extension of equal protection to all goods (and not merely wines and spirits as stipulated in the TRIPS articles) and the demand for a multilateral register for G.Is’ was largely bruited upon at the recently held Doha round of talks at Geneva , albeit inconclusively. Interesting international developments indicate that producers are fast waking up to the importance of acquiring a domestic G.I…

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SpicyIP: On Patent Pools and Cross Licensing

As old as Grandmas sewing machine, the Patent Pool concept is seen finding popular application in recent times across various industry sectors. Nothing unduly complex about the mechanism that can be simply explained as an arrangement wherein a group of patent right holders arrive at an understanding to cross license and pool in their patent assets in complementary manner and apply it towards a common goal. Aggregation and Collective management of IP assets in short is what is is. One…

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Geographical Indication Trademark

SpicyIP:Himalaya in Troubled Waters.

Engaged in a Waterloo of sorts, the Tata Groups Mount Everest Mineral Water (MEMW) and Bisleri are wrangling over the usage of the trademark ‘Himalaya’.As the facts of the case go, MEMW the registered holder of the Trademark ‘Himalaya’ has obtained an interim injuction from the Delhi High Court restraining Bisleri from using its trademark in its packaging. In turn Bisleri has approached the IPAB in Chennai seeking a rectification of the Himlayan trademark on the grounds that the word…

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SpicyIP: And the Minister has his say on Keralas’IPR Policy

At the inaugural of the Two-day National Seminar on “Intellectual Property Rights” jointly organized by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment, Patent Office Chennai and National Institute of Intellectual Property Management, Nagpur, the Law Minister Mr. M. Vijay Kumar declared that the State is going ahead with making a legislation for “Traditional Knowledge Protection” as committed in the “IPR Policy of Kerala”.Keralas’ so called ‘IPR policy’ has come under much flak for stepping on the Centres’ mandate and…

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SpicyIP:Internet Copyright Treaty for India

The Internet Copyright Treaties refers to the two treaties adopted at a diplomatic conference in Geneva in 1966.This includes the (a) the WIPO Copyright Treaty(WCT) and the WIPO performance and Phonograms Treaty(WPPT) that came in to force on the 20th of May 2002. The WCT protects authors, composers and creators of literature, art, films,software, music and creators of such creative works;The WPPT protects performers and producers of phonograms i.e. Music CD’s,cassettes and other sound recordings. About 70 odd countries are…

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Position for a Trademark Lawyer

Opportunity to pursue a ‘Career in Intellectual Property’. There is an opening for a Trademark Lawyer in a Chennai based IP consultancy firm.The firm is situated in an up market location in the heart ofChennai, with congenial working environment, providing greatopportunity to play a vital role in this boutique firm. “Legal 500” theworld’s leading guide to the legal profession lists the Patent andTrademark practices as one of the top 6 in India ( the only firmfrom South India in this…

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SpicyIP: An IP exchange in India

Sensex wary investors may soon have a new asset class to augment their financial returns.The concept of trading in IPRs and leveraging arbitrage opportunities is fast gaining ground in India.IP can create value including cash in a number of ways.It, can be bought, sold, licensed ,contributed as capital in a joint venture,offered to enter in to a strategic alliance,can be integrated with a new business or applied to create a new one,and as much used as a collateral when it…

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SpicyIP:Trademark through the Taxmans Lens

IP acquisitions are becoming commonplace where companies are going a shopping for IP assets ;assets that could add synergy and diversity to existing product lines. Recent M&A forays by companies such as Biocon and Suven were largely driven by the IP acquisition rationale. Heightened awareness that IP can constitute a discrete asset class capable of creating value and opportunities for arbitrage is fast gaining ground.IP value and IP related cross border transactions has seen a dramatic recognition in recent years….

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