SpicyIP Tidbit: G.I for the Tirupati Laddu

Mention Lord Venkateswara and his holy abode at Tirupati,what comes to mind synonymously is the Tirupati Laddu. Reverred by the thronging devotees, one has to wade through serpentine queues to get their share of this divine offering Such is the popularity and the demand of the Tirupati Laddu, that is has given rise to a thriving grey market that is threatens to erode the sanctity of the holy food. The Tirupati Laddu is specially prepared by the heredity temple priests…

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SpicyIP: Foreign G.Is’ Enter India

SpicyIP had earlier this year carried a post on the Scotch Whisky Manufacturers Association (SWA) move to protect the IPR rights of the Scotch Whisky in China. We had also averred that SWA could move the Indian G.I Registry next to protect its status, more specifically given its fallout in the trademark wrangle with the Khodays. Livemint reports this morning “The Scotch Whisky Association, which represents whisky distillers and exporters of Europe, is planning to register the geographical indication (GI)…

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Geographical Indication

SpicyIP: The GI Blurb

We have fresh news trickling in from the two States of Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand for followers of GI trends. Since obtaining the first GI for the Pochamply in 2005, there has been no looking back for the State of A.P in its G. drive CII-Andhra Pradesh Technology Development Centre, Hyderabad in Collaboration with Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation have facilitated the grant of Geographical Indications of Nirmal Painitings, Nirmal Furnitures and Leather Puppetry. This is the first hand made…

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SpicyIP:The Financial Crisis,WTO and beyond

A bubble bust is a good time to sit back, introspect and re-emerge with a new avatar. That’s perhaps what Pascal Lamy has set out to do. A task force has been set up to assess the impact of the financial crisis on the WTO and its implications for the multilateral trading system. Likened to the Great Depression in severity and impact, this time through the credit crisis and collapse of the banking system also comes accompanied with a plethora…

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SpicyIP:Tatas Win Award for Social Innovation

Accolades and bouquets to the iconic Tatas , the beacons of India Inc.Thankfully the misadventures on the Nano from Singur to Sanand has left the Tatas’ social spirit unchanged. The recent allegations that the Nano project pitted business interests against the farmers threatened to dent the impeccable Tata track record of being a socially responsible corporation. While the controversy still glows with the last embers, the Tatas have brought home proud accolades as pioneers of social innovation Nothing less than…

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SpicyIP: Ayurgenomics The Integrated systems of Health Care and Treatment fast gaining popularity could best be explained as the confluence of Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswathi. Asias’long standing tradition of herbal treatments has trickled in to Western Pharma, and many blockbuster drugs are herb based. A recent article in the Economist points out ‘Since the latter end of the 20th century, Eastern medicine has also enjoyed resurgence in popularity by patients with access to information on alternatives to undesirable side effects…

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SpicyIP:Patents for a Smoke !!!

The Controller of Patents and Designs has issued an advertisement related to Godfrey Philips’ new invention a Cigarette cum matchbox in the latest patent journal According to the company, which filed application on October 31, 2005, the improved cigarette packet with match box comprised a slide having side flaps on two longitudinal sides and end closures at the two transverse sides.’ Godfrey Phillips, which manufactures leading cigarette brands – Four Square, Stellar, Red and White and Cavanders – aims at…

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SpicyIP Tidbit: The G.I juggernaut Rolls On

The Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in association with the USPTO will be organizing a number of road shows between the 3rd and 30th of September aimed at promoting awareness of the G.I rights. The first of such shows will be held in the tribal areas of the North East, Kota and Bhubhaneshwar These road shows on GI will be a first of its kind in the country and will help to reach out to Various Stakeholders of Geographical Indication…

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SpicyIP Tidbit:Fosters Ruling and Transfer pricing

Readers may our recall our earlier post on the Fosters Ruling by the AARThe Business Standard carried an article on this ruling recently throwing further light on the ‘Source Rule’ that determines fiscal jurisdiction based on territorial nexus and first of its kind dealing with an offshore transfer of intangible The decision turned upon a fundamental question – where was the intangible, a ‘capital asset’, situated .The deeming fiction under the domestic law taxes non-residents on transfer of ‘capital asset’…

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SpicyIP: Meditative Experiences on G.Is’

Theatre buffs of Chennai have been in for a treat the last couple of months. An impressive array of thought provoking plays from across the globe, offering deep insights on disturbing social trends has added depth and meaning to the Chennai social scene. My fond favorite, the’ Song of the Loom’ written by a close friend and craft activist Sabitha Radhakrishna brought home issues close to my heart. The play highlighted the sad plight of the weavers of Kanjeevaram, where…

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