Protecting Wal-Mart’s Trademark in India

India’s first Wal-Mart store isn’t slated to open until next August. Yet the battle lines for protecting intellectual capital are already being drawn. The Delhi High court has injuncted a Delhi based Indian firm from using Wal-Mart as either their trademark or trade name on the ground that the same infringes the trademark of Wal-Mart. The Delhi based Indian firm used Wal-Mart as their trademark in the Indian market. Aggrieved by this, Wal-Mart filed an injunction petition before the Delhi…

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USTR Special 301 Report, 2007 – Beyond the Ostensible!

The annual Special 301 report, issued by the US Trade Representative’s Office has placed 12 countries on a special ‘priority watch list’ that will be monitored to ‘encourage and maintain’ effective intellectual property rights protection, Thailand being the only new addition to this list. Apart from this, 31 countries have been put on lower levels of monitoring. Arguably, the ‘priority watch list’ is based on the level of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in the respective countries. According…

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